Breathe Total Balance

Hello Glow Lux Body Wraps

Sweat and tone body wrap $40

Using a sweat lotion enhancer , this wrap will naturally detox and release water retention. Slimming and toning the body. Under the infrared blanket you can relax and take a beauty nap all while trimming down those problem areas.

seaweed wrap $59

This wrap will have you feeling rejuvenated and give you a boost of energy. Flushing of toxins will promote a healthy metabolism and stimulate the liver to drive stored toxins from the body, making you feel good as new! This wrap  aids skin regeneration , increasing firmness through collagen production and reductions of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mud clay wrap $65

This wrap is full of minerals that will deliver nutrients to the skin. Proponents will cause sweat allowing your body to slim and detox naturally. Creating a firmer tone to the body, hydrating all while relaxing and soothing the muscles. In combination with the  use of sauna you will optimize relieving those tired aching joints and easing inflammation.

Coffee body wrap $65

Latte anyone?  This coffee scrub will gently exfoliate the skin and even out skin tone and texture. Coffee naturally has anti-cellulite and fat burning components helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine is a strong bio stimulator and assists in  rejuvenating and toning effects of the body.