Breathe Total Balance


Facials beginning at $85

Self-Care facial $85


Microderm Abrasion


Steam Cleaning

Hydration Mask

Lux Facial Options

Anti Aging Mask $15

Acne Treatment Mask $15

Spot Treatment Mask $20

If you’re looking for an alternative to Botox or fillers this is your go to!

AcupunCture facial $55

This anti-aging process relaxes the muscles of the face and boosts collagen to reduce wrinkles naturally. The micro puncture needles known as  “microtraumas” stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system, delivering nutrients and oxygen to your facial skin cells. The positive microtraumas stimulate the production of collagen giving your skin a radiant healthy natural glow!! Improving the elasticity, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles

Back Facial $80

Deep cleansing , exfoliation & and extractions of the back , with Combination of Acne Treatment and hydration.


Hot Towel
Microdermabrasion (If Needed)
Acne Mask
Ultrasound (If Needed)

Get Summer Ready! Yes, Booty Facial is a Thing!

Bum Polish $70

 Spending more time in bathing suits , showing more skin all around or simply pampering your backside makes sense!  Smooth out the tush by removing dead skin cells, reducing pimple like bumps, moisturizing and creating a natural glow will have you feeling more confident.




Exfoliating Mask

Add on Bum Plump $120

This non invasive treatment transforms your body and contours your shape creating a more feminine look. Reducing appearance of cellulite, tightening and toning the skin. Lift & mold the curvy shape you desire!